QUIET ANGEL by Prescott Lane

Posted: May 25, 2015 by BA Dillon in GUEST REVIEWERS - FICTION

quiet angel by prescott laneReview shared by Melody’s Love 4 Books!

Quiet Angel is a coming of age romance tied in with a second chance romance. The love in this story just beams out of the pages and makes you want to really believe that true love is out there. I already do believe it so I guess I mean it for people who haven’t found it or experienced it yet. This may seem like a traditional love story, but there are issues running through it that will make you sit up and take notice.

I was so in love with Quiet Angel from the very beginning. Gage Montgomery and Layla Baxter were made for each other even though this was first love and they were teens. I was worried about how things were going to progress in their relationship. Was I in for a surprise! After making love one night, Layla disappears and Gage searched for her for 12 years! If that isn’t love, I don’t know what else you can call it. Ladies, if you ever have a man that does something even similar for you, give him a chance. I felt so sorry for Gage, he just seemed so lost and as he got older, there was a harder version of himself that I knew was a front. You know the kind we all put up when we’ve been so hurt its hard to breathe.

Little did Gage and Layla know, but someone or something was looking out for them. Maybe it wasn’t their time when they first met, but suddenly Layla was there trying to get a flight on Gage’s airline, which he had inherited from his dad. Gage feels a gamut of emotions and gets on the plane with Layla so he can be with her. There are so many things that Gage doesn’t know about Layla. She has been to hell and back with her family as well as abuse in the worst form, sexual abuse by a family member. But, both want to be together even though its 12 years later. Gage has some anger and trust issues that he has to work through and I was cheering for him all the way.He had his moments, but you knew he loved Layla so much and was just scared he would lose her again. He was such a Southern gentleman and Layla was just what the title says, a Quiet Angel. My heart ached at the beginning for the both of them, but by the end I was cheering both of them on.

I admired the way Prescott Lane addressed issues in this story by shining a light on them. That is exactly what we need for our society to recognize that sexual abuse, physical abuse, homelessness, and every other issue truly exists and it doesn’t have to happen to a bad person. Look how it affected Layla! Prescott Lane took some very serious subjects and said, here they are, now what are you going to do about it…through Layla that is. What I loved more than anything is the grace with which Prescott wrote this novel. Though there were tough issues addressed, there was also a beautiful love story that stood the test of time. She just made it seem so effortless and that is talent!

Finally, I have to mention the side characters in this story. OMG, wasn’t Dash and Poppy something else? I wanted them together just as much as I did Gage and Layla. And I am cheering Emerson on….i hope she gets a book…that girl needs some love after what she has been through. She has some great kids and oh my, did they make me laugh. They made quite a bit of money off of Uncle Gage…you need to read and see how they did it. I thought Gage’s family was the perfect foil for the nightmare that Layla’s family was. His family opened their arms to Layla and that was just what she needed…to see how a real loving family worked.

I know I need to stop now before I tell you the whole story. I just loved Quiet Angel so much, its hard not to tell it because I want everyone to read it and love it as much as I do. Congratulations Prescott Lane on delivering a phenomenal novel! Your characters were so complex and never dull. And I never knew what was going to happen in the story, which I loved. You definitely wrote a page turner. I’m so excited to read more of Prescott’s books. If anyone was ever a quiet angel, this author qualifies.

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