BECOMING MRS. BENEDICT (Becoming Her Book 3) by K. Webster

Posted: May 17, 2015 by BA Dillon in GUEST REVIEWERS - FICTION

becoming mrs. benedict5 STAR Review shared by Melody’s Love 4 Books

What a great ending to a fantastic series! Though I got to read it before it was released, I was still excited for it to come out. For one, now that its released, this means the box set will be available at some point. I love all of the covers for each of the Becoming Her novels. That is one thing about Kristi Webster’s books, the covers are freaking gorgeous! Ok, now on to the book.

In the Becoming Her series, each of the sisters have very different personalities. Because Ella, the heroine of the story, was the youngest and the description of her demeanor in the other stories, I pictured her to be a docile, sweet, and very innocent girl. Unfortunately, those traits are taken from her at the hand of someone we all hate in the series…not going to tell you who, but I bet you know. Ella has to overcome some very serious and life-changing experiences that alter her irreparably. At various points in the story, I felt so sorry for her. Not only had she lost her family, but she lost some other things that she could never get back. I kept wondering when she was going to snap. And, she did, but she had the love of a great man to catch her. Her brother-in-law, Alcott, the Count of Dumas’s brother has had his eye on Ella since his brother and her sister Edith were married. Of course, Edith warned him away saying Ella was too innocent. Thankfully, he kept tabs on her and found out that she had been taken (oops, spoiler, but that’s the only one, i swear!). After Ella’s experience, he gives her space, love, and understanding to try and recover. Ladies, we all need men like this! Ella and Alcott have many obstacles to overcome, but love prevails and they get their HEA. Oh and BTW, Kristi has a surprise for you in the story, lol…so read carefully! That’s all I’m telling you…hurry up and one click it…its so worth it!

I love this whole series by Kristi Webster. She really surprised me w hen she started writing a historical series. I was so thrilled because that’s what I read when I began reading romances…i still love a good historical romance story. I think the way Mrs, Webster made her characters so multidimensional is what really made the story. I love how these characters could be in a historical romance or they could be in a contemporary romance with little adjustment. Oh and wow, can the men in this series talk dirty…i think they all have a penchant for it lol. Of course, we love it even if we don’t want to admit it. I admit it proudly lol! I know I keep mentioning the series, but I don’t want to take away from Becoming Mrs. Benedict. The characters were so awesome and the plot in this story was so freaking unreal. And though I don’t want to give it away, way to go getting rid of you know who!!! As usual, Kristi Webster has written a fantastic story…she just keeps getting better and better. I hope to read more historical romances from her. Definitely 5 stars for Becoming Mrs. Benedict. Hurry and buy the book and if you haven’t read the other books in the series, get those too!

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