CAN’T LOVE YOU MORE by Sabrina Quinn

Posted: March 8, 2015 by BA Dillon in GUEST REVIEWERS - FICTION

cant love you moreReview by Lizzie M.

I received an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review.

Quinn’s debut novel is one that Gone Readin’ happily recommends to those who love a tragic love story. The story behind the relationships Braelyn has with both Aiden and Gabe develops through a few surprises that will bubble up a few stray tears and tug on your heartstrings. It is gripping and heart breaking and it definitely offers enough angst for one love story. However, Can’t Love You More starts off a bit slow, and I found it difficult to engage for the first few chapters. But once invested in the characters and story, I finished the last two-thirds of the book in one sitting.

The characters are developed well, and I found myself rooting for everyone’s happiness. I love secondary characters because they breathe life into the principal parts, but there were A LOT of them. At times, names were dropped and I couldn’t remember who they were. I also liked that the story moved through dialogue. There wasn’t a ton of internal monologues, and the characters interacted at a perfect pace. The storyline is a fairly typical “young love” tale. For those looking for a novel in this genre minus the sex – you have a good option here. I think the author’s goal was to really develop a story based on the growing feelings the characters were discovering about themselves as well as each other. The plot is well thought out and a bit deceiving. All the relationships are pretty unique. Most romance books are saturated with so much sex, that it is hard to comprehend how the characters can function without that element, but that is nowhere to be found in this novel. My favorite part of this book was the shift in time and POV. Several chapters shift from the past to present day, to a few months earlier, or to a completely different POV. That’s what gave life to these characters – seeing them interact at different moments in their lives, and hearing another’s POV. Finally, there is some evidence that Quinn is a first-time published author, but nothing a great editor couldn’t correct.

Overall, I loved the premise of this book. Unfortunately the execution fell a bit flat. I liked the story and characters but felt the first few chapters didn’t suck me in, giving me that moment of “I can’t put this book down.” I need a visceral reaction to the characters – love them, hate them, even indifference. The bottom line – I have to react. I had a tough time doing that in this book. I wanted to hate Aiden, but couldn’t, and I just never fell in love with Braelyn. It’s a pleasant story and I’m more than curious how Quinn will tie up all the loose ends in her next book. Although not a cliffhanger – we are definitely left with a few questions! Sabrina Quinn’s debut novel, Can’t Love You More is a solid 4 star read – and I anxiously await the next installment.


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