FALLEN by Ann Hunter

Posted: January 28, 2015 by BA Dillon in GUEST REVIEWERS - FICTION

Reviewed by Ameena Z.Fallen

“Once upon a time, I fell in love. Madly, deeply. With my whole being. I’d do anything for the girl who robbed me of my heart.
I tried to save her…
But Darkness came. The ban sidhe, Crwys, death herself, wants me for her own. She thinks I am someone from her past, and she will not rest until I submit.
I have secrets. Some I can barely live with myself for, and every night I dream of two women. One I cannot save, the other I cannot escape….”
–Prince Sylas of Killeagh

Ann Hunter has written a wonderful tale in her fantastical retelling of the Frog and the Princess. The story begins with Prince Sylas running off to avoid an arranged marriage. Like many royals his bride has been decided by the families. On his journey, he encounters a band of robbers who kidnap him and hold him for ransom. The leader of this group is Laittie, and after one kiss between the captor and the prince, they have “fallen.” During this time, Sylas’ grandfather, a man Sylas loves and reveres, has been called upon by death, Crwys. Cryws is the woman who takes the lives of those whose time has come to an end. Sylas, who loves his grandfather, takes his place. From here the story shoots off on wild ride of fate, courage, understanding power, and the meaning of life.

As I ventured into this story I wondered “wait, they have met, are in love so what is this story going to be about?” Hunter weaves a tale of a fantastical world that literally blends between the realms of the living and non-living. She has painted a story of love, fealty, revenge, toil, death and friendship. I was very impressed with this story as the characters are so richly developed. The plot moves along at a decent pace considering its complexity and style of writing. What I liked most is at each corner is the twist. As soon as you thought you knew where Hunter might go with the prince’s life she makes an expected turn. If you love fantasy fiction, this book is for you!


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