Review of “The Rosie Effect” by Graeme Simsion

Posted: January 2, 2015 by BA Dillon in Uncategorized

Adding to my reading list!

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This is a sequel to the justifiably popular and charming book The Rosie Project, now being made into a movie.


Like the previous book, this one is narrated by Don Tillman. In the sequel, this 41-year-old genetics professor from Melbourne, Australia is now working at New York’s Columbia University. Don has been married to Rosie Jarman for ten months when she announces she is pregnant.

Don is “wired differently than most people,” possibly having Asperger’s syndrome. He avers that he recognizes some of the symptoms in his own personality traits, but adds:

…humans consistently over recognize patterns and draw erroneous conclusions based on them. I had also, at various times, been labeled schizophrenic, bipolar, an OCD sufferer, and a typical Gemini.”

However, it is undoubted that empathy and human contact are somewhat problematic for Don, as are social skills [sic] like dishonesty and deceit. He also is not good…

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