Posted: October 19, 2014 by BA Dillon in BOYS are just BETTER in BOOKS (Romance and Indie Authors)

tied by emma chaseReview by Lizzie M.



There is nothing better than story told completely from Drew Evans point of view. Tied, the final installment in the Tangled series by Emma Chase is nothing short of brilliant. She is a comedic genius, and I will forever love Drew Evans.

Here’s what I loved. First, we’ve seen all sides of Drew now. He is without a doubt the greatest male character ever created in a romance novel, and we commend Ms. Chase for allowing Drew to exit with a BANG. In the first three installments we were exposed to the arrogant, humorous, lovesick, heartbreaking, ballbusting, malicious, tender, sweet, naughty, and sexy man who ruled both his boardroom and bedroom with ease. However, in this final sweet read we are treated to yet another layer of Drew Evans that has fully cemented him into the hearts of all. The scenes written for Drew and his son are beyond sweet and incredibly tender. Every single line shared between father and son had me laughing aloud while tears streamed down my cheeks. Second, Drew and Katie’s pre-wedding weekend adventure to Las Vegas belongs on the big screen. Can you say better than THE HANGOVER?! Every interaction is told with so much detail, I felt like I visited Vegas myself experiencing every action right alongside these two dreamy characters. Drew’s interaction with Kate’s ex is charming, but it is the sweet conversation between brother and sister that stole my heart. This is seamless writing at its best. I typically love dialogue driven stories, but the inner dialogue of this character is so bold it’s believable. Drew’s thoughts are so honest, it’s impossible to hate him. Drew’s love for Kate is so touching, and the connection between them so strong, it’s impossible do to anything but root for their success. Nothing else measures up to the delicious tales of Drew Evans and Kate Brooks. Finally, I have to say it – I LOVE THE COVER. Drew’s eye’s say it all. He doesn’t need the camera – he just needs Kate. This story is nothing more than a beautiful gift TIED together by a great big barrel of laughs! Thank you, Emma Chase – for giving the reading world a treasure named Drew.


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