Posted: October 4, 2014 by BA Dillon in BOYS are just BETTER in BOOKS (Romance and Indie Authors), GUEST REVIEWERS - FICTION

Love NouveauReview by Lizzie M.

What can I say about this debut novel from B.L. Berry that hasn’t already been written? Let’s face it, stories of beautiful romances about beautiful people and their beautiful lives are completely overdone. In fact, many are just regurgitated tales with different characters. However, Berry’s book is all about starting over, starting fresh, and inventing something new. This is the story of how Ivy and Phoenix survive distance, change, parents, siblings, friends, pain, hate, and finally love. Told from Ivy’s POV, Berry weaves an emotional tale with writing so seamless it’s easy to get lost and feel transported into the story.

For a debut novel, Berry has done a phenomenal job engaging her readers in a unique tale that crosses a few lines and gives the reader something to truly think about. Here’s what we loved. First, I’m impressed by the characterization Berry developed. Ivy and Phoenix are real, full of flaws and mistakes. I fell for both of them because I was so immersed in both their happiness and pain. A book without great characters is just a bunch of words on a page. Next, Berry’s words are some of the best I’ve read this year. Hands-down, the descriptions of events and places is like devouring a beautiful poem or looking at an exquisite piece of art. I did however, want more dialogue. I wanted to hear Ivy’s pain come through a masterful monologue that I’m sure Berry could deliver.

I could picture Phoenix with ease. Every nuance of his body and personality is detailed flawlessly. However, I never saw or found a true picture of Ivy. Her physical description is vague at best. Finally, the story is edgy and raw. It’s different. It’s emotional. At times, it’s painful. The epilogue is told from Phoenix’s POV. When I saw his name – I fist pumped the air. This is my only criticism of story. I didn’t like his message. While the end is technically not a cliff-hanger, it does leave the reader with a ton of questions which will be answered in book two sometime in 2015. This, I’m sure, is why we’re introduced to Phoenix in this manner. Overall, Love Nouveau is a quick and fabulous read from new author B.L. Berry. Gone Readin’ highly recommends LOVE NOUVEAU as a must read and congratulates Ms. Berry for delivering an amazing debut novel.

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