TAMED by Emma Chase

Posted: August 20, 2014 by BA Dillon in BOYS are just BETTER in BOOKS (Romance and Indie Authors)



Gone Readin’ selected Tangled as BEST NEW ROMANCE of 2013. I loved Drew Evans. I thought he was cocky, loaded with humor, and a true romantic at heart. When I read Twisted, I was a bit disappointed. Everything I loved about Kate and Drew seemed to disappear. Then I picked up Tamed and met Matthew Fisher, and all was right with the Tangled series again. Tamed is book three in the Tangled series. It follows Matthew and Delores, best friends of Drew and Kate. These are two secondary characters from the first two Tangled books, but are front and center in Tamed. Their story is entertaining, captivating and full of non-stop action right from the first page. The ending is no surprise if you’ve read the Tangled novella, Holy Frigging Matrimony. Even though we know the end result of Matthew and Dee’s story, it did not take away from Tamed. I loved reading their journey toward happiness. This dialogue driven story is storytelling at its best. Matthew is a lot like Drew. They’re best friends, having grown up together, and that explains a lot of his behavior. But Matthew doesn’t hide his feelings, even in the beginning. He meets Dee and knows he wants more of her. He never denies his feelings and that is refreshing. Emma Chase is genius when it comes to writing the male POV. I hope she sticks to that voice from now on. I found myself rooting for Matthew right from the start. He and Dee have incredible chemistry, and that leaps off each and every page. I absolutely freaking LOVED this book. Dee and Matthew are so funny together that I caught myself laughing out loud at parts. I loved their spunk and banter but also the tenderness each one was capable of showing. All in all this was a fantastic addition to the series. I can’t wait for Tied, the conclusion to this very funny and romantic series.

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