Posted: July 16, 2014 by BA Dillon in GUEST REVIEWERS - FICTION


the book of lifeReviewed by Lizzie McDee

Currently #4 in the Amazon Kindle Store

The trilogy finale has arrived, and it’s by far the best book of the series. The Book of Life picks right up where the last book ended. This story is all about Diana and her powers. It’s been quite long time since I read Shadow of Night so I thought I was going to have to reread it. Also, I didn’t re-read the prequels prior to reading this one. But Harkness does a great job uniting the story with the prequels and incorporating important storylines. This is definitely the third and final book so please read the others before diving in.

If you’ve been waiting like I have, then it was worth the wait. I loved this final act and it is my favorite of the series because now I want to read it again! Harkness is a talented writer, and created perfect pacing with the storyline. Some reviewers felt the others in the series were slow to start, but I was hanging onto every word of this one. The suspense created enough tension, that it was difficult to put the book down. About halfway through, I was completely invested in the outcome for Diana and Matthew. Diana’s growing powers, Matthew’s secrets, the plot twists, and the villains. They were all very entertaining. Additionally, this story struck an emotional chord with me much to my surprise.
The only thing I didn’t like about this tale (which may be attributed to personal taste) was how many characters flooded the scene. I thought it was a little crowded. I had a difficult time keeping up with core supporting characters, and found myself mixing up the remaining cast. Overall, this was a great story, and a fabulous end to the trilogy. Of course, now I want more, and don’t want this to be the end of Diana and Matthew’s family adventures. These books offer a mix of everything which is makes them so much fun to read!

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