BREATHE WITH ME by Kristen Proby

Posted: July 2, 2014 by BA Dillon in BOYS are just BETTER in BOOKS (Romance and Indie Authors), Uncategorized

breathe with meReviewed by Lizzie McDee



Some might think that SEVEN installments of a series might be just too much, but this reader believes Breathe With Me might just be the best of the bunch. OR it dredged up a whole lot of memories from my own high school romance! At the heart of it all, these books are beautiful romantic tales that never disappoint. This is Mark and Meredith’s story which is all about second chance romance. In truth, they never fell out of love, but allowed “life” and “choices” to interfere with what was truly in their hearts. The prologue surprised me – my heart broke for “M and M” from the very beginning, and I found myself rooting for them throughout the entire book. The previous installments led readers to believe Mark was a playboy – never ready to settle down. We didn’t know he had been nursing his broken heart since high school, and that no other woman could take Meredith’s place in his heart. What I loved was how much Mark fought to win her back right from the start. Proby once again gives readers a dialogue-drive story (my favorite) full of interesting, romantic, and hilarious conversations. As always, Kristen weaves a tale that includes the entire Montgomery clan that we’ve grown to love, and allows the reader a glimpse into the lives of each couple. I believe supporting characters give so much depth to the principal parts, and are needed help move the storyline along. Mark’s relationship with Luke, Natalie and Sam once again breathes life into his character. Mark loves, looks for advice and even argues with his siblings – making him a believable character. The addition of Jax, Meredith’s BFF, was an interesting side story. Glad he also found the love of his life, too! Finally, I think Kristen Proby adds just enough humor into her stories to keep them light and entertaining. The Vegas scenes are hysterical. I can picture all of the Montgomery/Williams women having one hell of party in Vegas, and felt like I had been invited as well! I can’t wait for the eighth installment, but am sad to see this series come to an end. Kristen, I beg of you, please continue to give your readers little snippets into the Montgomery/Williams clan on your blog. I’ve loved all the EXTRAS you’ve already written especially for Meg and Will. Why not something sweet for the Montgomery or Williams parents, or another novella for Isaac and Stacy? Just trying to hang on to my FAVORITE family!!

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