Tearing Through These Books

Posted: June 26, 2014 by BA Dillon in Uncategorized

Tami recommended:)


I am absolutely addicted to reading. I was born into a family that reads books…except for my little brother, fifteen in August, he doesn’t see a point in reading when you can play video games or see the movie or T.V. show based off of it. And when there isn’t anything moving picture about that book he says, “Then it wasn’t that great.”

Anyway. I am flying through this series: The Black Dagger Brotherhood Series, by J.R. Ward. I cannot get enough of them. Violence, romance, comedy, explicit content, etc. Who wouldn’t want to read it?

Answer: my brother.

To those people who don’t read I won’t question your motives on it. But, I will say this…

Reading is an escape. You can lose yourself inside of the story and put yourself into the book as whatever character, or every character, and just…escape. If you aren’t happy with your home…

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