Posted: June 18, 2014 by BA Dillon in BOYS are just BETTER in BOOKS (Romance and Indie Authors)

heart heartheartheartfall from india place

Reviewed by Lizzie McDee

Fall from India Place continues to follow the lives of the many characters we fell in love with through the On Dublin Street series, and Samantha Young has delivered yet another riveting tale! My only reason for a FOUR Heart rating is that it began a little slow with almost too many flashbacks in order to create Hannah and Marco’s storyline. Typically, I LOVE Young’s book covers – but NOT this one. The cover couple, in my opinion, without eye contact, it lacks chemistry. Since Hannah and Marco have so much chemistry – it just does not work for me! Hannah and Marco developed a special friendship in high school – one of PURE friendship. The twist is Hannah was head over heels in love with Marco. What she doesn’t know or understand is that Marco was feeling a deep love for Hannah, too. His lack of self esteem, leads him to make one colossal mistake that tears them apart for years, and leaves Hannah with a gaping hole in her heart. Samantha Young is a fabulous emotional novelist. There are many scenes, just like in the previous installments, that had me in tears because I understood Hannah’s pain. What I did LOVE about the beginning of the story is how well Ms. Young checked in with all of the couples from the previous installments. Since this story begins FIVE years later, Ms. Young needed pages to catch the readers up. This was done remarkably well without taking too much away from Hannah and Marco’s romance. There is more than a romance here – as I was touched by Marco’s regret and how hard he worked to rebuild his self-esteem, and win Hannah back. Marco has become one of my all time favorite heroes. Every man should have his character. Every interaction between this couple is so emotional; it is easy to believe they are really in love. The heartbreaking twists and turns kept me reading, all the character interactions gave me reason to care, and the romance is sweet and sassy. What I look for in a great book is a believable couple, dialogue that sounds like a real conversation, romance that makes my heart swoon, and storyline that moves at a decent pace. Fall from India Place has all that and more!

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