NASH by Jay Crownover

Posted: June 11, 2014 by BA Dillon in BOYS are just BETTER in BOOKS (Romance and Indie Authors)



When I first started reading Crownover’s books, I thought … okay, I like the storylines and the characters are unique to say the least. As each installment was released I fell more and more in love with each character and the underlying message I believe Crownover delivers with each story. In my opinion, Nash’s storyline is the most interesting, and his character has incredible depth. Nash has been in the background of the first three installments in the Marked Men series, and I’ve anxiously been waiting for his story. For the record, it was worth the wait. The relationship between Nash and his parents, and Nash and Phil is incredibly well written. The addition of Phil to the Marked Men crew is brilliant. His presence alone helps the reader understand how the entire gang developed as a family. I read this book twice because Crownover did a fabulous job giving so many layers to Nash. Additionally, Saint has just as many layers, and it is fascinating to watch this cast of characters peel away the hurt and pain from the past. This is character development at its best. The relationship between Saint and Nash seems unlikely at first, because both needed to learn a valuable lesson before moving forward. You MUST love yourself first, before you can find true love with another. As I wrote in all my other Crownover reviews, my only disappointment is lack of dialogue between the characters. I believe this installment has more than the previous three books, and my love of dialogue is a personal taste. Nash delivers a well-written tale that is woven through the relationships of a fantastic group of characters, and manages to deliver a heart-felt message in the end. Jay lets us know that even though these men and women are marked both inside and outside, they still feel pain after a great loss, and they love with all their entire heart. Never judge a book by its cover, because inside beats the heart of a thoughtful, hard-working, determined, and loving person.

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