TWISTED by Emma Chase

Posted: April 22, 2014 by BA Dillon in BOYS are just BETTER in BOOKS (Romance and Indie Authors)

twisted by emma chaseMY HEART LOVES A HAPPY ENDING!


I have to begin with … I LOVED Tangled. In fact, we loved it so much at Gone Readin’, we listed Tangled as the BEST NEW ROMANCE find for 2013. We loved the new humorous take on a bad boy looking for redemption, and actually fell in love with the KING of all bad boys, Drew Evans. I seriously hate to write these next words … what happened? I was looking forward to hearing Kate’s voice as the story continued with Twisted, but I feel like I just read another story from Drew. Kate Brooks is a powerful, independent woman in Tangled. In this story, she is wimpy and has absolutely no backbone when it comes to Drew. The bottom line is that it’s next to impossible to like either character in this installment. Drew went from being a bad boy to the biggest jackass on the planet. Kate went from a woman we can all admire to a great big lump of goo. The story had a few redeeming moments. First off, I love dialogue driven stories, and Emma Chase is a master of delivering exactly that. Second, the sex was HOT, HOT, HOT right from the start. Third, I loved that Kate took us back to her hometown and had time with her mother. I love a great family drama, and my only disappointment is that I wanted MORE interaction with her mom. Giving her mother a little romance with one of the men from Kate and Drew’s firm was genius. Finally, the scene at the park was written beautifully. This scene alone keeps our review at THREE HEARTS! I’m not a big Delores fan, and am not crazy that all her interactions with Drew are so physical. Even though I’d like to knock him into next week too, it’s a bit overdone. Emma Chase is a brilliant, witty writer, and Gone Readin’ will continue to devour all of her work. I believe the days of a continued book series might be on its way out, and Twisted just became the newest victim of the second book blues. After a gem like Tangled, I hoped for greatness again. Getting the epilogue from Drew gave the ending the HEA we all want! I’m hoping and praying TAMED will be from Drew’s POV, and will be as funny as Tangled. Fingers Crossed!!

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