ROME by Jay Crownover

Posted: April 14, 2014 by BA Dillon in BOYS are just BETTER in BOOKS (Romance and Indie Authors)


This is the third installment in the Marked Men series, and in my opinion … the best of the three. Rome Archer (Rule’s brother) has returned from Afghanistan a changed man. He’s suffering from PTSD, has a problem with alcohol, and is still reeling from his little brother’s (Remy) death. Rome interacts with everyone on the canvas, but it’s his interaction with Cora that goes above any of the other romances created by Jay Crownover.  Cora, “Tink” is still dealing with the heartbreak from her last romance. She’s decided, she’ll never settle again, and hopes to find the perfect man. She is a tough strong woman, and I love her outspoken personality. Her relationship with Rome is tension-filled from the very beginning, but their romance is sweet, tender, hot, and incredibly sexy. This couple is the most realistic from the Marked Men series, and I enjoyed every single interaction. The storyline wasn’t original but it is as real as life can get. All of our favorite characters are back in supporting roles, but they weren’t needed as much as in the other books. However, Rome’s memories of Remy, and his ups and downs with Rule made me believe in their family drama. I love the development of Rome and Asa’s friendship, and the introduction of Brite is simply fabulous. I love dialogue driven stories, which is not Jay Crownover’s typical style. I crave more interaction between characters, and prefer that over character thought driven stories. But there was enough dialogue between Cora and Rome to overlook that missing ingredient. This is truly a story of how opposites can attract, and is the first in this series where the man is “unmarked.” I love how this “marked” woman tamed this angry broken man. This is chemistry at its best!

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