JET by Jay Crownover

Posted: April 14, 2014 by BA Dillon in BOYS are just BETTER in BOOKS (Romance and Indie Authors)


I liked Rule and Shaw’s story – but I didn’t fall head of heels completely in love with the characters. I had high hopes for Ayden and Jet’s story once the foreshadowing began in Rule. The development of a possible love story for these two characters seemed like it would be a very hot, steamy, read. This is what I looked forward to – and that’s where everything went wrong. There was VERY LITTLE hot and steamy togetherness! The progression of their love affair was agonizingly slow. From the beginning, I had trouble with Ayden. I didn’t feel she had as strong a presence with Jet as Shaw did with Rule. This is personal, because I always hope for a strong female lead, or at the very least … a couple that knocks my socks off. The storyline was okay, but I didn’t care for Ayden’s back story. Other the other hand, I LOVED Jet’s story. I love a sensitive tatted up talented rocker. In fact, I wanted more interaction with his family and especially his mom. I wanted him to save the day, and have a beautiful reunion. I also wanted more of Jet singing Ayden to sleep. This was eluded to – but not capitalized on – a missed very hot opportunity. I always look for a dialogue driven story – which isn’t Jay Crownover’s style of writing. I always find myself skimming text that is heavy in character thought. I would love for these passages to be broken up a bit with character interaction. I also look for a great supporting cast – and here’s where Crownover shines. Rule and Shaw are back along with the entire crew from the tattoo shop. We are also introduced to Rule’s brother Rome in the epilogue setting up the third book well. I absolutely loved the last three chapters, and was pleasantly surprised at the direction the story took.

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