TIED WITH ME by Kristen Proby

Posted: March 31, 2014 by BA Dillon in BOYS are just BETTER in BOOKS (Romance and Indie Authors)


Let me introduce you to the Montgomery Clan …
In the first five installments of the With Me series, we are introduced to a Hollywood heartthrob, a beautiful investment banker, a professional football player, a rock star, and a hunky Navy SEAL. Tied With Me takes a look at one of the older Montgomery siblings, Matt Montgomery. Matt is a detective with the Seattle Police Department, but has a kinky side. Nicole Dalton, owner and operator of her own bakery, attends a sex/fetish show with her BFF against her better judgment. What follows is an adventurous night of passion with the kinky detective. But that night is interrupted when Brynna and her girls fall victim to a terrible car accident (from Safe With Me). Nicole mistakenly believes Matt must be married when she overhears his conversation about the accident. When they run into each other again at Caleb and Brynna’s wedding, Nicole makes a half-hearted attempt to leave whatever began with Matt in the past. What develops is a quick and simple introduction to Matt’s kinkier side, and a very fast-paced love affair. Matt is fiercely loyal to his family and friends, but the very beautiful Nic Dalton throws him off his game early on. This BDSM tale felt a little stale – like I heard it all before. Many of Matt’s lines sounded like they were ripped from another series. The previous books all hinted that Matt’s character held some major secret, but his secret was simply boring. I wanted more action, more mystery, and more intrigue. As always, we get a dynamic dialogue driven story with a side of sex. The sexual connection between the two is powerful and interesting. The entire Montgomery clan steps into the supporting roles, with all of the characters from the previous books present and accounted for. The best new character is the Montgomery matriarch, Gail Montgomery. What a breath of fresh air she gives to this story. My favorite part of the entire book is the interaction between Gail and Nicole. What is missing is an actual plot. I’m still not sure what the story is about, other than Matt’s need to dominate his lady sexually. Nic also has some health issues that become part of the storyline, but that isn’t enough to carry the entire story. Unfortunately, this installment is a tremendous let-down after Safe With Me (which I believe is the best so far!) The entire story felt rushed and predictable. But I love those Montgomery boys and how much they love their ladies and family. This unique family drama draws me in, and leaves me wanting more. I love Kristen Proby’s books and wonder if her over-taxed writing schedule is leaving her latest projects a bit undercooked. I’m still anxious for Mark and Meredith’s story, and will follow the Montgomery family stories for as long as Ms. Proby continues to write them.

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