Posted: February 25, 2014 by BA Dillon in BOYS are just BETTER in BOOKS (Romance and Indie Authors)



This is the third installment in the Bencher Family series by Inara Scott.

After every attempt to save his marriage, Ross Bencher and his wife decide they are better off as friends, and divorce after three kids and many years together. The night before Kelsey Hanson leaves to climb the deadliest mountain in world, she spends it at home in the company of one Ross Bencher – newly divorced Ross Bencher. And it’s the best sex of her life. His too. Three years into the future, Ross moves away from his New York City home and the very tight Bencher family to live closer to his kids in Colorado. When his ex-wife is called away on an extended business trip, Ross has to quickly step into the role of Mr. Mom. The babysitter his ex-wife hired has succumbed to food poisoning, and the agency is sending a replacement. The agency is owned and operated by Kelsey’s BFF … see where there is heading? While this dialogue driven story has everything required of a contemporary romance, there seems to be one missing ingredient.  A hero the audience will love.  Ross Bencher is a great dad, but he comes across as a condescending creep where Kelsey is concerned. I just never fell in love with him. Kelsey however, is a breath of fresh air. I found her tough exterior endearing and her sense of humor refreshing. Kelsey’s story is unique. I was curious to learn her back-story, and see how her relationship with her father would play out. But for me, I found it hard to care if Ross and Kelsey ended up together. I just couldn’t get passed Ross’s initial reaction when Kelsey rang his doorbell, and became the temporary babysitter. I always look for well-developed secondary characters. They breathe life into the principle parts, and that’s exactly what we have here. The kids’ relationship with Kelsey saves this storyline, and I loved how her friendship with each kid is developed.  I like stories with a “second chance at love” theme, and that’s exactly what Ms. Scott delivers. One last note – I really DISLIKE this cover – ALOT! I don’t see or feel any love here. In fact, I see questions in the guy’s eyes. Almost like … “hey you’re cute, but I don’t trust you with my kids!” Not a great cover for a romance novel Entangled!! Of the three Bencher family stories, the first installment, Rules of Negotiation has more heart, but I’m a sucker for these family dramas. That alone will keep me coming back for more.

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