Posted: February 22, 2014 by BA Dillon in BOYS are just BETTER in BOOKS (Romance and Indie Authors)



Samantha Young’s Dublin Street series continues with Olivia and Nate’s story. Moving to her father’s home of Scotland, Olivia looks forward to a fresh start after her mother’s death. Enjoying her new found friendships with Joss and Braden, Ellie and Adam, and Jo and Cameron; Olivia also finds herself paired up with Cameron’s best friend Nate on many occasions. Despite her outgoing personality, Olivia hasn’t had many relationships. She’s terribly insecure, and lacks confidence when dealing with members of the opposite sex – except for Nate. Nate has quickly become her best friend. Their interests and tastes are similar. When Olivia expresses an interest in a hunky postgrad who visits the library where she works every day, Nate encourages her to a pursue a relationship. But he gets the surprise of his life when she opens up and tells him how little experience she has with men. What begins as a friendly education in seduction quickly becomes an intense, hot affair. Olivia knows early on she’s fallen in love with her friend. Nate however is still living with ghosts, and quickly dismisses his growing feelings for Olivia. Ms. Young has once again hit paydirt with tremendous characters that I simply love. All of our favorites from the previous installments are part of the story that drives Olivia and Nate’s romance. This dialogue driven story has a refreshing plot line. I love Olivia because she is the first character who seems like a real person. Too many books only give us perfect size zero beautiful woman as the heroine. It was nice to read about a real woman – one with self doubt, who questions her body and doesn’t ooze sex at every turn. Even more, I loved how Nate saw her. For that alone … he is my hero. Every single page sizzles when Olivia and Nate are together because at the heart of their story is a real friendship. This is a REAL love story!

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