FRIGID by J. Lynn

Posted: February 1, 2014 by BA Dillon in BOYS are just BETTER in BOOKS (Romance and Indie Authors)



Sydney and Kyler have been friends forever. Sydney is in love with Kyler, but he doesn’t know it. Kyler is in love with Sydney but she doesn’t know it. The problem – Kyler doesn’t think he’s worthy of Sydney. Over the years, he’s never stayed with a girl for more than a few nights. He put the “man” in manwhore. Nearing the end of their last year in college Sydney and Kyler plan to spend their Christmas vacation celebrating with friends. Unfortunately the great weekend they have planned is disrupted by the storm of the century. The holiday blizzard prevents their friends from making it up the mountain and leaves the two friends VERY MUCH ALONE. Ms. Lynn also adds a bit a mystery to this coming of age story. Kyler and Sydney’s romance is sweet and the characters are somewhat endearing, but what I missed was great dialogue. While Ms. Lynn is an exceptional descriptive writer, this love story lacked interaction between the characters. This is a personal bias – I want my characters talking … I don’t want to hear what’s in their heads. I want to feel what they feel through deep conversations. The beginning of the book holds a great deal of promise. The idea of friends to lovers is great idea. But the mishaps at the ski chalet were a bit overdone and I felt Sydney was a very weak heroine. I didn’t particularly care for how he carried her all of the place like she was a child. Add that to the fact that his term of endearment is “baby.” Although the mystery aspect is a great twist, it was a bit violent for me. Sydney and Kyler’s BFFs are pretty funny, and their part in reuniting the two lovebirds at the end is sweet. It was great to see BFFs at work!

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