MUSIC OF THE SOUL (Runaway Train 2.5) by Katie Ashley

Posted: December 31, 2013 by BA Dillon in BOYS are just BETTER in BOOKS (Romance and Indie Authors)

Music of the SoulSTOLE MY HEART!!


This novella is the continuation of Jake and Abby’s story.  Abby Renard quite literally fell into Jake Slater’s life in Ms. Ashley’s “Music of the Heart.”  This companion story is nothing short of a beautiful look at their destination wedding in their private tropical paradise, and first few years of marriage.  The entire novella took me by surprise because I thought this was just going to be the story of their wedding. Thanks to Ms. Ashley’s gifted storytelling, we learn that even the rich and famous struggle in their relationships, and suffer hardships as well.  I loved watching them fight through the reality of marriage and children. I’m thrilled to say that this story is full of engaging dialogue, well-developed secondary characters, and a plot so thick with raw emotion, it’s a tough book to put down. I thrilled that AJ and Mia are back, and we are treated to AJ’s growth as a husband and father. He is one of my favorite characters – ever!!  I also loved the foreshadowing of the next story “Strings of the Heart”, and am glad Rhys has not been left out of this series! The book is a mere 166 pages but is a tremendous, easy to read in one afternoon story none-the-less. My only disappointment is in the price. For a novella, I felt the $2.99 Kindle price was a bit steep, and would have appreciated a gift in pricing during this holiday season!

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