Posted: December 22, 2013 by BA Dillon in Non-Fiction Books

E SQUAREDReviewed by BA Dillon

Pam Grout’s E Squared is simply a lab manual with quick and easy experiments that may prove you shape your life with your mind. This is my favorite non-fiction find of 2013, and I am happily recommending this one to EVERYONE!! E Squared is easy to read, and experiments are actually a lot of fun to perform and reflect on the results! What sets this book apart from others like it is that all the ideas are scientifically supported and credible. I have one very important piece of advice while reading this book. E Squared needs to be read in small doses. There’s a lot to think about after each experiment, and reflection really is the key. All readers will soon learn, perspective is everything. Pam’s writing is clear and concise and actually very entertaining! This difference between E Squared and The Secret and Grow Rich is Pam shows here readers HOW shaping your own reality can be done. This is a great easy read, that also has an uplifting message. I now wake up everyday prepared to be amazed by how much my thoughts shape my reality! Here’s how some of the experiments worked for me:

Experiment #1 The Dude Abides Principle

I had moved my blog to wordpress in early October, and had been feeling more than disappointed by a lack of followers. Within in 48 hours of reading over experiment #1, my twitter following increased from 63 followers to 169. Within 60 days I had over 500 followers. Additionally my posts have been reblogged by other bloggers on other wordpress blogs countless times now!

Experiment #4 The Abracadabra

I asked for something very specific. Within 3 days of starting this experiment, I had contact with two of my favorite authors. I won a contest on one of their blogs, and another offered to read my own manuscript when I finish it.

Experiment #5 The Dear Abby

I asked God and my angels for guidance. Should I keep writing? My actual paying job seems to be getting in the way:)     I now have a column appearing in one paper, and I’ve sent query letters to two other papers. As of January 2014, I am being paid to write!  YES!

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