Posted: December 8, 2013 by BA Dillon in BOYS are just BETTER in BOOKS (Romance and Indie Authors)



The sentiment of this story took a hold of my heart from the very first page, and never let go. Bringing back the little purple cloth-covered Book of Love Spells is why I am always a Probst fan! This is Kate and Slade’s story. Kate Seymour believes in a happily ever after for everyone, and she knows when it’s for real. You see, she may be a witch, and she has “the gift.” With the help of two friends, she starts her own matchmaking business outside of Manhattan. Slade’s sister Jane has been hurt. She was hurt so badly, she nearly took her own life. With his parents already gone, Jane is all the family Slade has – and he will protect her with his dying breath. When Jane decides she’s ready for romance again, she turns to Kinnections, Kate’s business for help. Slade, an attorney, decides to intervene on his sister’s behalf. What he gets instead is an instant connection with Kate that he just can’t shake. But he’s a jaded divorce lawyer that doesn’t believe in a forever love. Has the matchmaker finally met her match? Ms. Probst delivers solid storytelling that is both uplifting and heartwarming. Slade is the sexy capable alpha male and Kate is the spunky heroine who has made it completely on her own. The dialogue is engaging and fast-paced with solid secondary characters who reinforce Kate and Slade’s story. Kate’s best friend is Genevieve MacKenzie who is the younger sister of Alexa from The Marriage Bargain. Including many of the characters from the Marriage Series was pure genius. For all dog-lovers out there – the Epilogue is one of the best I’ve ever read!!! This was a quick, easy, and entertaining read – so I’m anxious for the next installment in this series.

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