WHERE ARE YOU NOW? by Mary Higgins Clark

Posted: November 24, 2013 by BA Dillon in IT'S A MYSTERY TO ME



In Mary Higgins Clark’s Where Are You Now? the author answers one of her most frequently asked questions in the acknowledgements – Where do you get your ideas for your books? Many come from newspaper articles, and this book was developed from exactly that. MHC read an article about a young man who disappeared from his dorm over thirty-five years ago, but continues to call his mother every Mother’s Day refusing to answer any questions or offer information as to where he is now. His mother still waits today, hoping that he will return home before she dies.

MHC, the Queen of Suspense, created this story from the above article that details a terrifying tale of a psychopath shadowing women on the streets of Manhattan near the SoHo nightclubs. Four women are missing as is Charles “Mack” MacKenzie, Jr. but he continues to call his mother every year on Mother’s Day. Mack’s sister, Carolyn, is about to graduate from law school. She’s been through two family tragedies – Mack’s disappearance, and the death of her father on 9/11. Even her father’s death did not bring Mack home, or change his pleas to be left alone. Carolyn, however, resolves to find him. Mack sends her a message via a note dropped into the collection basket at mass. Her uncle – the Monsignor Devon MacKenzie is the recipient. His message is clear – please tell Carolyn she shouldn’t search for me.

As only MHC can do, red herrings are placed throughout the entire story, and most readers will begin to suspect anyone but the actual predator of the missing young women. This thriller is a fascinating story with a plot that has so many twists and turns, it’s almost impossible to predict the outcome. It has a great deal of action, characters that are easy to relate to, and so many surprises it’s difficult to put down. The cast of characters is indeed long, and sometimes I felt like I needed a flowchart to keep track of everyone, but the plot more than makes up for that. We get a little romance as always, and there is a big surprise in the end for this multi-suspect mystery!! In my opinion the older MHC books are much better than the newer ones, and this one is one of my favorites.

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