I’LL WALK ALONE by Mary Higgins Clark

Posted: November 19, 2013 by BA Dillon in IT'S A MYSTERY TO ME



Alexander “Zan” Moreland  is living every mother’s worst nightmare – her three year old son is taken from his stroller while his babysitter sleeps nearby. Two years later, nearing her son Matthew’s fifth birthday, something happens to given Zan hope that her baby boy is still alive. A surveillance video surfaces that suggests Zan herself may have taken Matthew. Shortly after the video emerges, Zan’s bank accounts are hacked and her identity is stolen. It looks like someone is trying to steal her entire life! Now, Zan has become the number one suspect in this cold case. I’ll Walk Alone features the recurring character, Alvirah Meehan in a supporting role, but still an important one as an amateur detective. There are many other characters, as in all MHC books, including her ex-husband Ted and Father Aiden. The plot moves along at a quick clip, with the average chapter being only 3 pages long. Some reviewers claim to have known the identity of the kidnapper early on, but I was kept guessing until the bitter end. This novel is a quick and easy read – but not one of Clark’s best. The premise is good, but I have to wonder has MHC lost her MoJo? As always, we’re given a glimpse of romance between Zan and Kevin.The romance however, is underdeveloped, and the love story itself was too abrupt – almost unbelievable. As a character, Zan does not generate much sympathy from the reader. She comes across as a beautiful, sweet, very naive young woman who is basically pretty annoying.She spends so much time crying and doubting herself that I just didn’t care who did it! I’ve been a fan of Mary Higgins Clark for a long time. I loved Let Me Call You Sweetheart, Just Take My Heart, and Remember Me! MHC – It’s time to step up to modern times and create a love story that sizzles alongside a mystery that keeps all your readers guessing!!

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