Posted: November 11, 2013 by BA Dillon in BOYS are just BETTER in BOOKS (Romance and Indie Authors)

if forever comesSTOLE MY HEART!!!


This is the final chapter for Christian and Elizabeth. When we last left this couple, the reunion was a beautiful moment filled with joy and promising future. The couple plans to marry, and their passion for each other only continues to grow.  But this story is NOT a fairytale – this is a REAL story. While I’m typically not a fan of flashback writing, this is one book where I appreciated the need to tell the story this way. What a unique way to write! The way Jackson went back and forth between and present and past times – that finally meets in the middle was so unique – it took my breath away. My most favorite part of this story is the relationship that develops between Christian and his daughter, Lizzie. There were times their conversations had me laughing out loud, and crying the next. Lizzie’s dad is truly the center of her universe.  I applaud Jackson for this breathtaking finale to the Regret Series. Once again, we have a dialogue driven story supported by strong secondary characters. The plot was – an emotional roller coaster. Typically, finale books can fall flat – but this one, this one was beyond phenomenal. I believe even better than the first two.  I struggled to love Christian in Take this Regret, and now I struggle to love Elizabeth in this installment. Genius writing by Jackson! In the end, all any reader will want, is for Elizabeth and Christian to live happily ever after. Although it takes awhile to reach this point, the ending is just touching and will leave any reader with a smile. Sigh …

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