Posted: November 10, 2013 by BA Dillon in BOYS are just BETTER in BOOKS (Romance and Indie Authors)

the edge of alwaysMY HEART IS FULL OF LOVE!!


For those people who know me, I’ve been waiting for this sequel forever! The Edge of Never still sits at #1 spot on my top ten must reads. I’ve been tweeting about the release of The Edge of Always for two weeks, and dropped numerous Facebook posts on the Gone Readin’ page. I even created a board on Pinterest completely dedicated to The Edge of Never, and posted a fan-made YouTube video for The Edge of Never on this site the day before Always was released. This is how much I wanted to love this book and to give it FIVE HEARTS – but it fell just a bit short for me. And it’s personal – some the events of the story hit just a little bit too close to home. This is the continuation of Camryn and Andrew’s story. With their entire lives in front of them, the newly engaged couple decides to travel back to Raleigh so Camryn can be close to Nat and her mom. I will NEVER spoil a story – so let’s just say certain events put the two back on the road again. And this was best part of the book. The adventures of Camryn and Andrew on the road are sweet, tender, ridiculously silly, scary, funny, and romantic. I wish there had been more. Once again, Ms. Redmerski gives us a dialogue driven story – my favorite! I absolutely LOVE how honest these two characters are with one another, and how they can tell if someone’s holding back. Their wedding vows were simply amazing! Typically I love great supporting characters, and like The Edge of Never, the supporting cast is small and underdeveloped. BUT, that NEVER takes away from Camryn and Andrew’s story because these characters are so well developed – there’s just no need for anyone else. The plot is heart-wrenching, exciting, and so lovely – depending upon where you are in the book. Now, here’s where it fell short (this is so hard for me!). The ending. I was only at 85% completion and I could tell the story was closing. Andrew tells the readers this is the end. The last chapter told from Lily’s POV was just a big letdown. I wanted a great BIG cherry-on-the-top with whipped cream moment for Andrew and Camryn to end this story. This is a great series and I look forward to more great stories from JA Redmerski. This is one author this reader intends to follow!!

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