WEEKEND AGREEMENT by Barbara Wallace

Posted: November 5, 2013 by BA Dillon in BOYS are just BETTER in BOOKS (Romance and Indie Authors)



This is the story of Daniel and Charlotte. Daniel is a very wealthy business tycoon. He works very hard and plays harder. He’s known for romancing celebrities, but he never gets his heart involved. He’s recently acquired a property that belonged to Charlotte and her brother. Without her knowledge or consent, her brother has sold the property to Daniel. Hoping to persuade Daniel to resell it to her, he has only one condition. She must be his date for the weekend at his parent’s anniversary party. The rules are simple: no flirting, no kissing, and no sex – and we all know how well that will play out! The concept was original, but the characters were under-developed. The story has some great moments that included a sweet moment in the antique shop and café. The witty dialogue between Charlotte and her BFF stole some of the scenes, as their friendship was believable. The plot was a bit weak, and I really had trouble with the speed in which this “relationship” developed. Really? I’m head of over heels in love with you, and ready to change my whole life after ONE WEEKEND? I think not. I am NOT a fan of insta-love. Most readers like to see a relationship develop over a bit of time in order to care about the people involved. But still I LOVE that I got my happy ending! This is the perfect book for a beach day or a quick read on a rainy day!

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