THE PROPOSAL by Katie Ashley

Posted: November 3, 2013 by BA Dillon in BOYS are just BETTER in BOOKS (Romance and Indie Authors)



This was a bit of a let down from the first book. Aiden has cheated and its 3 weeks later. Premature labor has forced Aiden to look after Emma while she is on bed rest which gives him an opportunity to gravel.  I found that I wasn’t as fond of either character as much in this book. The dialogue instead of the witty banter from book one was instead a little cheesy. I didn’t like the introduction of Pesh at all, but understand why this character had to be introduced. I wanted MORE of Emma’s BFFs Connor and Casey because they bring a lot of the humor to this story. I absolutely LOVE Emma’s grandparents, and I wanted them in the picture more! The bulk of the story should have been about Emma and Aiden rebuilding their relationship, but instead Emma played games! This is something a very strong leading lady needn’t do. The way they find their way back to one another is just weird. The actual proposal – the crux of this story – wasn’t what I expected, and felt Emma deserved a super romantic proposal. I didn’t like the proposal at Casey’s wedding at all! I loved the ending, and hope we will hear more about Emma and Aiden as their family grows. Overall it was a quick and easy read, and it does what all love stories should do – They live happily ever after!

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