Posted: October 30, 2013 by BA Dillon in BOYS are just BETTER in BOOKS (Romance and Indie Authors)



“Is it possible for two abuse survivors to have a functional romantic relationship?” I guess that’s what has captured me! I am interested in Gideon and Eva. Sequels usually have A LOT to live up to – but this story is SO MUCH BETTER than the first book. I just could NOT put it down. The intensity of Gideon and Eva’s romance is so hot and filled with so much drama – it’s difficult to walk away from them. Finally, we are provided a deeper explanation into both characters’ backgrounds and why their love is so intense. I did not feel this story was as aligned to the Fifty Shades series like so many claimed the first book was. This series turned a major corner with this installment and the entire story heads in a different direction than how I predicted. Gideon and Eva have an addictive relationship – and now I’m addicted to their story!! The characters drive me simply crazy, but I think their relationship is incredibly unique. Ms. Day has given us a very sexy love story with a little bit of a mystery. Can I say it again?? I love Carey – please, Ms. Day, please MORE!!! The end of this story is PHENOMINAL and quite frankly – blew my mind! Get it. Read it. And then read it again. Holy Cow – OUTSTANDING!

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