ROCK ME by Cherrie Lynn

Posted: October 27, 2013 by BA Dillon in BOYS are just BETTER in BOOKS (Romance and Indie Authors)



Quite by accident, I read this book first – and was hooked on Cherrie Lynn books! This is a classic “bad boy” meets very “good girl” love story. Candace comes from a good family and ALWAYS does what is expected of her.  On her 21st birthday she makes a decision that will forever change her life. Brian is the classic “bad boy.” His older brother, Evan (from Unleashed) is a lawyer and now married with a baby. Brian is just the opposite. His love – is his tattoo parlor – until he sees Candace again. The plot flowed well, and made this a quick and easy read. Ms. Lynn is  a great storyteller – giving the characters tons of dialogue so it’s easy to connect with them. The romance is hot, and the sex is OMG!! Candace was a little wimpy for my taste, but I LOVE Brian!!  I guess there is a bit of a message here – “Never judge a book by its cover!” Once again, Ms. Lynn layers in characters we begin to care about. Candace and Brian’s BFFs – Macy and Ghost! I love Ghost!! In the end, the guy always gets his girl!

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