Posted: October 22, 2013 by BA Dillon in BOYS are just BETTER in BOOKS (Romance and Indie Authors)



Ms. Probst finished this series with a bang! The story of Sawyer and Julietta is steamy, humorous, and full of touching conversations. At the urging her sister Carina – Julietta follows the same love spell that brought Alexa and Nick, Maggie and Michael, and Carina and Max together. What she gets is – a wounded soul with ghosts in his past that threaten to ruin his future. There are so many scenes that contain very witty dialogue. This leads to a verbal sparring, a passionate kiss, or an all out physical attack every time! Sometimes, you have to wonder which character has the greater will-power. The secondary characters are phenomenal. I love Mama Conte, and enjoyed how she closes this series. The introduction of Wolfe, is fantastic. I want more of him!!! And thanks to Ms. Probst for bringing back all the characters from the first three books – so that we continue to believe in everyone’s happily ever after.

Let’s face it – BOYS are just BETTER in BOOKS!!

And I’m in love with these fictional characters – Alexa and Nick, Maggie and Michael, Carina and Max, and finally Julietta and Sawyer!!

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