Posted: October 22, 2013 by hawkjer in Non-Fiction Books

teammates matterHOME RUN!


“Fellas, enjoy going to the gym… enjoy working hard… enjoy all there is to enjoy about the game we love because one day no matter who you are- no matter how many points you score or how good of a career you have… one day, the ball will stop bouncing.”

Whether your passion is sport, business, family, or whatever, this book is a real life guide for how to accept challenges, to persevere through the tough times, and how to make each second count.  I first read this book as an educator as a suggestion from my mother.  I then re-read this book as a coach and shared it with my high school basketball team.  I have passed it on to friends who have taken it to share with friends at work.  If you have ever been a member of a team, then you cannot help but relate to this book.  From high school superstar to college walk-on who has to fight tooth and nail just to be on the team, Alan Williams recalls his real life story of challenges and perseverance that transcends the basketball court and gives us all a lesson in life.  I dare you not to LOVE IT!

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