Posted: October 22, 2013 by BA Dillon in BOYS are just BETTER in BOOKS (Romance and Indie Authors)

seducing cinderellaMY HEART IS FULL OF LOVE!!


This is a book for ALL the hopeless romantics out there! This is the story of Reid and Lucie. MMA Fighter Reid Andrews is recovering from an injury. His trainer sends him to recuperate under the guidance of a professional physical therapist that happens to be his best friend’s little sister. Lucie is recovering from a broken heart. She’s got it bad for a doctor at her hospital, but he only has eyes for her BFF.  A deal of sort is struck – Lucy helps Reid heal in time for his next big fight, and Reid helps Lucie catch the doctor’s eye. Just guess who they both end up fighting for???  The author is a great storyteller – held my interest the entire time. The characters were well developed – I loved who I should and didn’t like the doctor. I liked that Reid asked Lucy if she was interested in him – and let her make her own decision. No big brother running in and beating up his best friend for sleeping with his sister. And the sex – definitely hot and steamy!!! Best part – no cliffhanger!!

To all the authors out there – it’s OK to write about real love and romance. The men don’t always have to have billions in the bank. We don’t need a story full of so much angst your heart hurts at the end!!!  Thanks Ms. Maxwell for giving us just a contemporary romance novel that depicts a fairly normal relationship!!

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