FLAT OUT LOVE by Jessica Park

Posted: October 22, 2013 by BA Dillon in BOYS are just BETTER in BOOKS (Romance and Indie Authors)



I am not always a fan of “coming of age” stories – but this story took me by surprise. The reason – our leading man is not your typical hero. He’s not covered in tattoos, a rocker, a jock, the gorgeous class president – he’s a geek. The story has a TREMENDOUS storyline – that is VERY different. I laughed and cried throughout, and absolutely LOVED the secondary character Celeste. The best part of this story – it was NOT predictable AT ALL. I really liked the love story and felt it to be very genuine. However, if you are looking for something hot and naughty – you won’t find it here! This is the story of Julie and Matt. Julie has moved to Boston to start college and ends up living with Matt’s family. Julie and Matt’s mothers were friends long ago. This I can comfortably recommend to your teenage daughters, sisters, and nieces!

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