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This book closes Woods and Della’s love story. Della is still running from her ghosts of the past, and Woods is still having to do what’s expected of a Kerrington. Ms. Glines is definitely a gifted storyteller – and I think this is one of her best books! Everything a reader needs is here. There’s a decent story that’s developed more from book one. There are unique characters throughout the entire canvas, there are gut-wrenching emotional scenes that will tear your heart out, AND we still get our HEA without a cliffhanger!! I was happy to see Della’s character begin to show strength because the whiny little girl that had to be watched all the time was getting old! This one would have earned 5 HEARTS, but Della and Woods’ story lacked a bit of romance, and I felt the sex on the desk was a bit overdone. There was more romance when Della was on the road with Tripp and he was taking care of her, than when she got home! Sex and romance CAN go together!! As always I LOVE a dialogue driven story with great secondary characters – and this one definitely delivers! I just love Bethy! Is it bad that I cared more for her than Della???  Ms. Glines tried something new with this series, and wrote an occasional chapter from another character’s POV near the end of the story. It was a little weird to read from Della and Woods POV for most of the book, and have one chapter from GRANT thrown in near the end. I guess Grant’s story is next ….

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