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callie and kaydenMY HEART IS FULL


Callie and Kayden – where to begin. Callie has retreated inward and no one understands why. She’s chopped off her hair, darkened her make-up and changed her wardrobe to hide. Kayden’s life seems perfect as the town’s super popular football star. But no one knows his father is beating him and his brothers. They are athletes – broken bones and bruises are the norm. One night, during Kayden’s graduation party, Callie witnesses the abuse firsthand and intervenes. A friendship develops between them while away at college the next year, and they begin to heal and open their hearts to one another. The characters are fragile and both Callie and Kayden are broken due to physical and sexual abuse.  While I enjoyed the development of their relationship, I waited for that very typical emotional roller coaster that these stories always deliver – but it just never came.  However, this story discusses very real and very serious problems.  We are left with a crappy cliffhanger which is why my rating is lower. It was one of the worst endings of all the books I have read this year.  But I’m curious and I need closure. Hopefully the second book will clear the way for a happy ending. By the way – the cover of the book is one of my all time favorites!!! What is it about kissing in the rain?

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