MUSIC OF THE HEART by Katie Ashley

Posted: October 12, 2013 by BA Dillon in Uncategorized

music of the heartSTOLE MY HEART


Love, love, love it!!! Abby and Jake are great together – and I thoroughly enjoyed how their romance builds. The concept is a little quirky, but it works throwing the 2 of them together is such a way that they are forced to spend time together in such close quarters. I was taken by Jake’s story pretty early – and truly loved his softer side. His relationship with his mother was gripping, and the way he leaned on Abby was touching. The best part of this book- the ending. The concert in Atlanta where Jake’s band plays with Abby’s brothers’ Christian rock band to raise money for such a great cause was just what was needed to finish their story. I hope we see more of Abby and Jake when Ms. Ashley delivers her next book that builds on Jake’s bandmates. This book has everything I love – a dialogue driven story, supporting characters that are both funny and heart-warming, and a romance that’s sweet and hot!

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