Posted: October 6, 2013 by BA Dillon in Uncategorized

between the lines 2STOLE MY HEART!!!!


This is an exceptional sequel!! I was anxious to see how Reid, Emma, Brooke, and Graham would resolve all those “feelings” that continue to bring them all together. The prologue is one of my favorite chapters as we now have insight into Graham’s thoughts and feelings. I actually loved this book more than the first – enjoying how Emma and Graham are able to work through their issues and develop such a strong connection. I also loved getting to know Reid through his relationship with Brooke – and began to like him as he grew up a little bit by the end of this book. Webber writes from FOUR POV’s – which could have been difficult to follow – but it was genius!! Sequels have a lot to live up to – especially when the first book is so successful, but Webber has a real gift for writing great stories for young adults.

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