FAÇADE by Nyrae Dawn

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I liked Ms. Dawn’s first book, Charade. I absolutely LOVED Façade. The best way to describe this story is that it is “a journey.” This is the story of Delaney and Adrian, who are tied together by a tragedy that devastates both their lives and families. We first met Adrian in Charade – he was Colt’s best friend that we saw a lot of toward the end of the book. Following this trend, Ms. Dawn has layered in characters that are easy to care about in the background of the story, and then brings them to the forefront in the next book. Like Charade, this story also alternates Adrian and Delaney’s POV which I am a huge fan of because of the depth it gives to both characters. The poetry is touching once you understand the story. We also get a glimpse of Delaney’s brother, Maddox in Façade. Ms. Dawn leaves a tease at the end of Façade – the first chapter of Masquerade. The story is built around Maddox.

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