ROCK WITH ME by Kristen Proby

Posted: September 24, 2013 by BA Dillon in Uncategorized

rock with me2STOLE my HEART!!!


“Rock With Me” is Sam and Leo’s story.

Samantha Williams is Luke’s older sister who we were first introduced to in “Come Away With Me”. Sam is fiercly protective of her older brother, and has no use for fame or the life of a celebrity. She’s been hurt by an actor – and does she does NOT trust anyone outside the Montgomery Family.

Leo Nash first shows up in Volume Three “Play With Me” as Megan’s older (foster) brother. He is the super sexy and successful frontman for the band “Nash”. Taking a break from touring, Leo decides to settle in Seattle to spend time with Meg and write some new music.

Neither Leo or Sam want a serious relationship – both are looking for something physical and simple. Both are guarding their hearts closely, but their chemistry is undeniable. Leo will help Sam trust again, and Sam will light the way for Leo’s homecoming.

Proby’s series gets better with each book. The men are fiercely protective, loving, and gorgeous! The sex scenes are romantic and hot, hot, hot!! I love how the beautiful (expanding) family is layered into each story which provides depth to the main characters. And here’s the thing – there was no major drama, no mystery to solve, and no tragedy to live through – it was just two people finding their way and learning how to love. Plain and simple – just a great love story!

And so the romance begins…..BOYS are just BETTER in BOOKS! And I’m in love with these fictional characters – Sam and Leo!

Sam and Leo’s song – Sunshine by Leo Nash

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