TANGLED by Emma Chase

Posted: September 21, 2013 by BA Dillon in Uncategorized



I have been waiting all summer to find that book – that book that completely knocks your socks off. And here it is. Tangled is the debut novel from Emma Chase. I absolutely LOVED this book – it is without a doubt the funniest romance book on record. Here’s the thing – this book has ruined all other books for me for awhile because nothing will compare. I loved the VOICE of this book. It is sarcasm at its best, while still delivering a very hot, very tender love story. This is the story of Kate and Drew. Drew is an arrogant, sexy, alpha-male AND VERY SINGLE investment banker. He picks up a new woman every time he’s out – he “never rides the same ride twice.” Kate is the new hire at his company – and “Daddy” assigns the two to work on a project together. She is confident, beautiful, and very engaged. The plot is phenomenal; the characters are so rich I just want to be friends with them!! This book is my BEST summer find, and I’m adding it to my TOP TEN LIST!!!!

I’m in love with these fictional characters, Kate and Drew!!!

Let’s face it; BOYS are just BETTER in BOOKS!!

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