Fifty Shades Darker – Book Two by E.L. James

Posted: September 19, 2013 by BA Dillon in Uncategorized

fifty shades darker (amazon)FIFTY SHADES DARKER: BOOK TWO by E.L. James



Ten minutes after I finished book one, I had the second downloaded. AND I LOVED IT EVEN MORE. I found more than ever, that I sympathized with Christian Grey. He is more than a wounded soul – he’s actually broken. In book two, we begin to see Christian heal as he opens his mind to love and having his first “normal relationship.” Once again, we get a lot of sex, A LOT OF SEX! However, this book has a softer, more romantic side. My favorite chapter is CHAPTER 19. Christian returns after his helicopter goes down; his reconciliation with his family and Ana is beautiful. Their return to the Red Room of Pain after Ana agrees to marry him is hot and romantic. Again, the email banter is tremendous – quite possibly the best part of all three books! Once again the dialogue is poor at best, and WHO EDITED THIS??!! If you are looking for literary genius – it isn’t here. But still, JUST FUN TO READ!

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