Fifty Shades Freed – Book Three by E.L. James

Posted: September 19, 2013 by BA Dillon in Uncategorized

fifty shades freed (amazon)FIFTY SHADES FREED: BOOK THREE by E.L. James



So, Fifty Shades – is a guilty pleasure for sure. Book three is my least favorite only because I am not fan of flashback writing. Christian and Ana are now married – which is about 3 months later! They have honeymooned through Europe, and have now returned to their lives in Seattle. Christian is still quite controlling, demanding that Ana change her name at work and dictating her work and social life. But he loves her so deeply, I guess it’s forgivable. The best part of this book was the epilogue, because as always I want my happy ending. The bonus chapter is also great. In this chapter, we get chapters 1 and 2 from book one told from Christian’s POV, which is hysterical! I would buy book one AGAIN written from Christian’s POV because it was just so entertaining! I look forward to FIFTY SHADES – THE MOVIE IN 2014! I will be wearing a plum dress, and having a ball with my friends on opening night!

For all the critics out there – keep in mind, this is fiction! Lose your hang ups about sex and just enjoy this series for what it is – a really sexy book with a charming love storyJ

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