Love Unrehearsed by Tina Reber

Posted: September 19, 2013 by BA Dillon in Uncategorized

love unrehearsed (amazon)MY HEART IS FULL OF LOVE!!


Spoiler Alert!!

Ryan’s very public proposal paints an even larger target on Taryn’s back. Not only does she have to deal with his crazy fans, she also has to make nice with Ryan’s entourage. The second book in Tina’s series takes us behind the scenes of shooting a big Hollywood production and deeper into the love life of Taryn and Ryan. The author takes some time to develop the secondary characters of Mike Murphy, Ryan’s bodyguard and Marie, Taryn’s best friend – for the purpose of the third book “Love Unguarded” set for release sometime in 2013. I absolutely LOVED the first book – it is one of my all time favorites because Taryn and Ryan were just so normal figuring out their new romance.

I felt like this story could have been two books if she invested more pages into some of the new story plots! I found Mike and Marie’s story a little implausible – as Marie seemed so happily married in book one. Tina brought back Thomas, Taryn’s ex, and then he vanished. Where did he go? There were a lot of pieces to this story that were just never completely developed: the planted drugs, Kyle on the movie junket, Taryn’s acting career/or lack of, the actual wedding (how can we have such a beautiful proposal and then no wedding?) and the start of their production company. My biggest disappointment – was never creating an interest in Taryn’s biological family. She always commented about being alone, and now she has this family that is dropped in at certain points, but relationships are never thoroughly developed. Why weren’t her sisters’ part of her wedding?

While book two had some highlights – CHAPTER FIVE OIU and the Epilogue are two of my favorites, the story was a bit of a letdown from book one. Overall though, I love a great LOVE STORY and the idea of couples working through their issues and sticking together is refreshing. This is a story about SOULMATES and the belief that love conquers all. Ryan Christensen is a just one of the boys that are just better in books!

Remember, BOYS are just BETTER in BOOKS!!!

And I’m in love with these fictional characters, Taryn and Ryan!!

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